Fadal 6030B


Models VMC-6030B
Travel X axis (in.) 59
Travel Y axis (in.) 30
Travel Z axis (in.) 30/35*
Table size (in.) 62 x 30
Max. weight on table (lbs.) 4,140
Floor to table surface (in.) 32.2
Spindle nose to table (in.) 3.9”-33.9”/4”-39*
Spindle center to column (in.) 30.2
T-slots and dimensions (in.) (5) .708 x 5.9
Way construction Box
Cutting feed rate (ipm) 590
Rapid travel rate X/Y/Z (ipm) 787
Axis drive motor X,Y & Z (hp) 4.4
Ball screw size (mm.) 50
Accuracy positioning – JIS B6338 (in.) 0.0003
Accuracy repeatability – JIS B6338 (in.) 0.00015
Glass scales X,Y & Z Optional
Power transfer Fadal automatic 2-speed mechanical Hi/Low
Spindle speed (RPM) 10,000
Spindle taper CAT-40/Big Plus*
Spindle motor (hp) 22.5
High torque Standard
Spindle chiller Standard
Spindle orientation Standard
Rigid tapping Standard
ATC type Dual arm
ATC tool selection Random
Number of tools 24
Max. tool diameter (in.) 5.9
W/ adjacent tool (in.) 3.1
Max. tool length (in.) 13.8
Max. tool weight (lbs.) 15
Chip auger and coolant tank Standard
Coolant pump Walrus multi-stage TPHK2T5-3
Air pressure required (PSI) 90
Min. power requirement at 220V (kVA) 32
Machine dimensions L x W x H (in.) 195 x 108 x 106
Machine weight (lbs.) 17,600
* Optional


P/N Description
OPT-0004 35″ Z Travel & Column (Standard 30″)
OPT-0013 30-Tool Dual Arm Tool Changer
OPT-0021 40-Tool Dual Arm Tool Changer
OPT-0043 Coolant thru Spindle (500 PSI)
OPT-0053 Coolant thru Spindle (1000 PSI)
OPT-0063 4th axis Servo disconnect
OPT-0073 5th axis Servo disconnect
OPT-0080 RCPT 5-Axis Vector Software
OPT-0103 VH-7 Rotary Table (needs 4th Axis Servo disconnect)
OPT-0113 VH-8 Rotary Table (needs 4th Axis Servo disconnect)
OPT-0121 VH-250 Rotary Table (needs 4th Axis Servo disconnect)
OPT-0123 VH-320 4th Axis Rotary Table
OPT-0133 TR-7 Tilt Rotary Table (needs 4th & 5th Axis Servo disconnect)
OPT-0143 TR-8 Tilt Rotary Table (needs 4th & 5th Axis Servo disconnect)
OPT-0163 VH-7 Tailstock
OPT-0173 VH-8 Tailstock
OPT-0181 VH-250 Tailstock
OPT-0193 Manual 5C Collet Closure
OPT-0203 160mm (6 inch) 3 Jaw Chuck for VH-5C (Adaptor Plate Included)
OPT-0213 200mm (8 inch) 3 Jaw chuck for VH-165 (Adaptor Plate Included)
OPT-0303 Marposs tool setting touch probe
OPT-0313 Marposs tool setting laser probe
OPT-0323 Marposs X, Y & Z coordinate touch probe
Std High Torque 22.5 HP peak
Std Remote Manual Pulse Generator